Get Involved

How to contribute to OpenMandriva?

Give time

If you have time, we welcome your help in various areas:

Contribute materials & infrastructure

Do you have old computers, machines, etc., that our developers can use? New platforms you would like to see OpenMandriva on?

Want to set up a mirror, donate some servers?

We need you! Please please Contact us.

Join a Pod

Join a community Pod!

Spread the Word

Use our materials to spread the word, our products and values on your blog, website, social network, etc.;
Develop new materials for the community to spread the word of OpenMandriva and Free Software;
Follow and share our activity and products on Social Networks;
Get on the free software promotion and help us in helping all the free software community.

Talk to us

Tell us your needs and expectations;
Tell us the problems you found and help us identify bugs.

Donate money

OpenMandriva Association is a no-profit organization, under French law. OMA has its own bank account and is responsible for running and maintaining its servers.

The donated funds are channeled to several domains like:

  • Infrastructure
  • Domain names and other related fees
  • Branding and marketing
  • Managing expenses
  • If needed any counseling, legal or other
  • Supporting other free software organizations that support us with their software
  • Participation in events promoting Free Software

Donate to OpenMandriva Association: there is no minimum donation, all the help is welcome.

For more information please Contact us.